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( Sep. 24th, 2010 05:32 pm)
Day 1 of renovated apartment cleaning is over! ...*whimpers* Carpet got installed this morning. I started cleaning after lunch. Cleaning today was severely dumb. I woke up aching everywhere and it just got worse after exercise, so clearly breathing in chemicals for several hours was the best way to go. Predictably, the porphyria symptoms are already building (and oh how wonderful that the aches have become pains) and tonight and tomorrow are going to be hell--but the bulk of the work is actually done. Tomorrow I have to do the floors, appliances, and whatever other little odd jobs I can manage. And wait for the bulk of the necessary things to arrive. (Oven, bed, etc.) I got my little double burner, though. I still haven't actually opened it, but it's there. And that is the cleanest mother fucking shower ever.

Yet more 30 days video game meme. 02 - The most underrated game you`ve ever played )

Prompt list.

So now I'm going to do fuck all for a little while as I wait for the dizziness to die down... hopefully.
All of DarkHorse Vendetta has finally been "HTML-ized" and is available on my web site. I am operating under the ridiculously stupid assumption that if someone actually likes my writing they will buy a book. Yay I will forever be poor! Now all I have left is... another entire novel and all of the other stuff. *rubs temples*

Finally got around to finishing Lightning Spliced this morning (and there will be more linking when the book is available again; Amazon requires certain standards before it can be sold there, so edits are underway). Or technically yesterday morning, now. Trying to explain it without spoilers, but... damn, I should have seen that coming. *grin* I really enjoyed myself and all of the delightfully geeky references. I think we managed to pick up a lot of the same things, which is... scary. But awesome. The fact that I now know one of Zellie's close friends has all of her unfinished works makes me very happy... as maybe there are some notes I can ask for. *cough* Here's hoping Lulu comes through soon so the book will get listed on Amazon, then we can start trying to drum up interests from "real live" book stores.

I will be spending the weekend cleaning. And probably well past the weekend. I must not focus on this. I must focus instead on the idea that it will be over soon and I will be moving downstairs, finally. Soon-ish. Sorta soon. Not soon enough, but it'll happen. I want to get my toys out of boxes.

Lots of people have been doing those 30 days meme things. Surprisingly, I got prodded a couple of times, but the subjects weren't in the least bit appealing to me. Then someone pointed me toward the 30 days meme of the video game variety (which apparently has no author to credit from what I understand--but I'm sure I'll be corrected if anyone knows for sure). Okay, I'll do that one. ...Whether I remember to actually update every day or not is the challenge here. And starting at the beginning of a month is way too damn easy, so screw that. Yay, rambling mini-essays to distract me away from completely re-doing the writing site on one of my favorite subjects ever, video games. Chances are that I will not have only one game per response. That seems too easy.

01 - Your current favorite game ) And I attempted no spoilers, so there.

And full prompt list. )

And now I'm just going to sit here and be reminded of how much Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's voice makes me... yes. It makes me yes. Ahem.


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