Project OMGWTFF, Day 14 - *sobs quietly* It’s like I never took a week off at all.  Maybe that’s because I was working on something else for that week.  Hm.

If all goes well, I should have the wing fill done tomorrow, and some clean up.  Might attempt the rest of the yarn detail, then... well, the wings will finally be set aside in favor of something else.  Anything else. Why am I doing this?

Project OMGWTFF, Day 15 - (Yesterday.) THE WINGS ARE (mostly, for now, as much as they can be at this point, at least 85%) DONE.  I’m really not big on sharing in-progress pictures, but in this case it becomes necessary. What took me so long?  These are big fucking wings.  No, seriously, these are big fucking wings.

Tomorrow I start on the legs... I hope. Why am I doing this?

Sadly, today I managed to get a toe and half a foot done before my body decided to be a massive inconvenience. ...And then for some reason I went and did a bunch of HTML crap for a new art page layout. I cannot explain that. Now I'm sitting here staring at the poor little toe thinking, "I want to work on this, but I feel like shit. Solution? Update LJ/etc.!" Can't explain that either. And yet, here we are. So... links!

The Videogame History Museum is a go! Considering how much more than their goal they actually raised, I look forward to seeing what they do with their power. *snort*

Great Comics That Never Happened #21: Jack Kirby's 'My Little Pony'. Looks like something I would do, doesn't it? THERE'S STILL TIME.

For those of you who missed Google's celebration of Freddie Mercury's birthday, they kindly uploaded the video to YouTube. I grin every time I see this thing, it seriously makes me so happy. Please make this a video game! Someone! Anyone! (New Wave is my truest music lust, but I would fall at the feet of Queen any day. Unafraid, unabashed, having a goddamn good time.)

First Digital 3D Rendered Film. To a mild tech nerd like myself, this is fucking gold. It was made in 1972 by Ed Catmull (you may recognize him as the founder of Pixar) and Fred Parke, with assistance from the blogger's father. Awesome shit. And for being rendered in 1972, this is really incredible.

Paintings of an aging superhero’s senior moments. I love these. So much.

If you have not seen Going to the Store... well, here you go. Oh god how I laughed. And had no idea why I was laughing. Sometimes the best kind of laughter.
Project OMGWTFF, Day 12 - *rocking back and forth* Why am I doing this?

Project OMGWTFF, Day 13 - (Today.) Stopped a bit early... 'cause I kind of had to. My back hurts. My whole arms ache. My hands ache. My wrists ache. My fingertips burn again. I have destroyed the tips of several of my fingernails (as in, they are shredded); but that is why I clip them back to keep them almost Kotetsu-like short. (This isn't some frilly pansy open design scarf crochet, folks. This is hardcore sculpting shit where rage is an asset and stabbing is a common motion.) But there is a definitive light at the end of the... er, wing tunnel. Am I anywhere near finished with this project? Not even close. But the wing basics will be done soon... and then will come clean-up, then the detailing, not to mention attaching to the body and filling in the rest of what needs to be filled in... not even thinking about the legs right now... Currently in denial.

I WILL TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF. And Monday I will have a commission to start on, so I may even get a whole week off of the insane project. Maybe things will heal. And grow. And then get destroyed again. Beads, I do not realize how much I have missed you until I have been away for... 13+ days. And about day 3 of beading I will be cursing you again, I'm sure.

But for now, Goldschlager, you're my hero.

Tomorrow I get to reduce my prescription eye drops to twice daily. What a thrill. I remain disappointed that I haven't developed any super powers. ...That I know of. I'm sure it would be unintentionally hilarious, anyway.

............Oh dear god I have "Seigi no Koe ga Kikoerukai" stuck in my head. Sunrise, you bastards.
Project OMGWTFF, Day 9 - Wings. Oh god, wings. Making lurches and stumbles more than leaps and bounds, but... some day... Why am I doing this?

Day 10 - This will never be done. Ever. I will die doing this. This is my fate, forever. ...Okay, so I made progress. But for another morning+afternoon+evening+night, it seems so little. Still, I did force myself to stop at 8:00 PM. ...Well, a little past, but still. Must remember to rest and not be too stupid here. Commissions coming up and all. Still... why am I doing this?

Day 11 - (Today.) Wings. What else is there? Does anything else in the world exist? Why am I doing this?

(I suppose there is a very, very dim light at the end of a very long, very dark tunnel. But damn. Working time will definitely be longer than the Hylian Royal Crest Corset Cuff, and I imagine it will even be longer than Let's Rock [one panel, three light sources]--but I never did count how many days that took. After the third week, it was just... no. I love you, Dante, but no.)

I got So Geek Chic-ed! Do check out the rest of their Tumblr, it's full of geeky awesome.

And since I'm already pimping myself out, there's a site-wide 20% off sale at Lulu if you ender "SCHOOLED305" at checkout. So you can always snag something I wrote that isn't fan fiction (*gasp*) or pick up Lightning Spliced by Zellie Blake since the proceeds will always go to the American Cancer Society and it's just a nice, fun read.

No I did not feel the earthquake. Yes it's possible that I just wasn't paying attention. I slept through two in Arizona, so. (Well, technically I woke up during one, saw shit shaking on my shelves, turned over and went back to sleep. Fuck you, earthquake, I was tired. Sleeping through very loud trains literally a couple of blocks away for a period of 9-ish years will allow you to sleep through anything. Except a dog staring at you. I have no idea how she does it, but she has amazing mind powers.)

Just found out the moron person moron-person who told me my Double-Sided Mushroom Bracelet was way too expensive got a two week ban for lack of civility. I am going to bask in deserved smugness for a few minutes. ("Additional Moderator Commentary" is as follows: "Your recent journal also breached two cease contact orders, as such your account is banned for two weeks." So, just a psycho. Good to know.)

Liiiiinks! If anyone hasn't seen this incredibly excellent short Portal fan film, do watch No Escape. It's... just right.

If you want to know everything that I happen to think is disturbingly wrong about modern indie game development and media in general, then you will attempt to read this entire thing without either rolling your eyes or throwing up. Don't say I didn't warn you. (I like Tale of Tales, but... ugh.)

I Won't Photograph Ugly People. Please tell me this is real and this person actually exists.

Long story short: Chad Love Lieberman pretended to be a "pop artist" when all he was doing was stealing people's work from DeviantArt, printing it and selling it as his own, claiming he painted everything himself. Even the photographs he stole. Smart kid. Anyway, here's a glorious round-up of links and resources about the prick, and alexiuss on DA is looking to file a class action lawsuit.

Now I'm going to go relax for a bit and indulge in bachelor food. Mmm, bachelor food.
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( Aug. 19th, 2011 06:07 pm)
Project OMGWTFF, Day 7 - It seems I've just made my own polymer clay eyes. Well that was unexpected. Also filling in the wings. Little by little. Oh god what am I doing. Finally got to the point where both of my hands and arms just went, "Okay, fuck this, we need a break." So I suppose I'll finally be catching up on getting various things arranged and updated until they stop protesting. Why am I doing this?

Wasband: So what is this? A bat? A dragon? A bat-dragon?
Me: Yes, one of them.
Wasband: Are you doing this for fun?
Me: *mild death glare* This is officially the stupidest thing I've ever done and I'm not even halfway through it yet.
Wasband: *wanders off to do laundry* *wanders back, poking at wing* You're either brave or insane.
Me: Stupid. Just stupid.

Day 8 - (Yesterday.) Got to work on this sucker in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.  Currently my grip strength has depleted to the point where it’s time to wrap this up for another day and look forward to a weekend off.  (So close, so very close.)  Is it any closer to being done?  ...In theory.

I have discovered something unfortunate, though: I have “yarn burn” on my fingers.  This is hilari-dumb.  Truly, terribly hilari-dumb.  That’s what I get for using Red Heart yarn for its generally indestructible nature, I suppose.

And so much for not buying anything for this particular project…  But hey, I lasted a week!  A WEEK!

Today I'm having trouble gripping things, so the weekend break started early. Super-exciting eye doctor update: I'm healing! But not quickly. So now I have prescription eye drops to add into the rotation of everything else. *rubs temples* He said everything should be just fine... but if I experience burning, give him a call. Not reassuring. (Tried them about an hour ago. No burning. ...Does that mean it's working or not working?) The only thing MassHealth seems to do right for me is giving me a $3 co-pay on every prescription. Whew. Also looked at a number of really expensive wrist braces, but I figure my cheap-o one will do just fine. As long as I remember to rest and try to stop working around 8:00 PM or so. I'm trying. ...Yes, sometimes I still go until midnight, but it depends.

So how about a few links while I avoid updating a moving things? How I Fell Into the Generation Gap by Amanda Lange is interesting to me. I still remember computer screens being three different shades of amber, and how exciting it was when we finally got the color monitor. I could play games in color! And then when we finally got a sound card, I could hear them, too! (Except for Sierra Card Games, which never did manage to work properly. It's just as well for how often I crashed the poor thing with scenarios that were never programmed in.) I've been through every console save the Wii and Xbox, so I've been involved in this here game stuff for an awfully long time. Some things have evolved while others seem to have devolved, but it always moves in cycles of focus. Graphics, aesthetics, plot. Over and over and over. It seems no different to me now except for how much seems to be at stake in terms of investment (production- and consumer-side), and how we keep being told that Western games are somehow what all of us want to play. ...I'm clearly not in agreement, but I guess cash flow will tell. But anyway if I go on it will just be more wordy and ranty and longer than the article I linked to so to quote Amanda Lange, "And when I was young, I had to walk uphill both ways to play a video game, you darn kids."

This gamer's anthem is actually pretty damn cool.

Say what you will of Valve. The way they treat their "protesters" is all I need to know.

The Lollipop Chainsaw trailer is exactly what I hoped it would be. Whether that's good or bad is up to the viewer, I suppose.

But Journey will be the one I'll immediately hand over cash for.

Just because I found it interesting, Gay Finches Mate for Life.

Only a ST:TNG nerd would laugh at this. (I laughed. But I laughed much harder at this.)

And finally, I have been meaning to share this, New study shows that knowing spoilers doesn’t ruin a story. Ha, take THAT, internet.
I keep meaning to chronicle the creation of something from start to finish. And I keep not doing it because it's a pain in the ass and I'm thinking the same thing every day: "Why am I doing this?". So okay, I'm late on the start of this one, but it seems like something that's gonna need to be chronicled. As such, there will be much cursing and little sense-making and I'm still not really up on taking pictures of in-progress things, but we'll see. Let's call this Project OMGWTFF. (I don't think anyone needs that explained.)

Day 1 - I needed to do something different, so I grabbed some completely unused yarn and started making... something. Trying to keep to the goal of only using what I already have. (I see myself failing very soon.) Why am I doing this?

Day 2 - This "something" started to take shape, but it was still just... something. A little larger than I thought it'd be already, though... Why am I doing this?

Day 3 - Somewhere around halfway through the day, the something decided what it wanted to be. And somehow I managed to hold back a sob. Finally got the main body done, taking lots of extra time because of the very long tail. Measured it, against my better judgment. Just shy of 14 inches from front of the chest to the tip of the tail... now. This will change. Again, taking some control to hold back a sob.

...And then it decided it wanted at least one set of wings. The "at least one" is fucking terrifying. But I went and got the decently thick wire I had left over from chocobos and started building the framework. Took quite a bit of time to braid long lengths of disagreeable wire together. (And yes, at that point, I was glad I had glasses. If you have tried to work with long lengths of wire, you will know why. Not a scratch, both eyes intact, I am somewhat triumphant.) Formed, shaped, bent. Wound up with a wingspan quite a bit longer than my arm. Were it fully extended, it looks like it'd be almost my arm span altogether. Well. Shit.

Stabilized the framework and started getting it covered in yarn. Why am I doing this?

Day 4 - (Today.) Continued getting the framework stabilized and covered in yarn. Used up the rest of the wire. Possibly halfway done with the basics of wing construction. Complications. And again, complications. Also continued trying not to sob. No comment on success. Why am I doing this?

According to my hands, my neck, and the state of my desk, I have damn well earned a weekend off. *confetti*