I made the mistake of wondering where autumn was a few days ago.  Well it fucking attacked over the weekend, so that was.  Fun.  Friday night we got hit with quite a few storms complete with thunder and torrential rain, which wouldn’t have been a big deal… save it all started two minutes before the pup needed to go outside before bed.  Ignoring details and common sense, I wound up waiting almost an hour for a break, threw the fucking umbrella out in the middle of the front lawn and carried the dog out, getting her under the umbrella and being remarkably grateful that the sky lit up only after it was obscured from her vision because that would not have been a good time for her at all.  Meanwhile, I was.  Soaked through.  …Also I’d decided not to bother with a coat.  Or shoes.  Because fuck it, time, and I was changing into my pajamas anyway.  I am an intelligent responsible adult.  Do not do what I did kids.  Still, success, so whatever.

Last night, the wind came.  We didn’t wind up too bad off but there was a lot of it and all night and yeah the result of leaves covering everything has been pretty clear.  Also the wind didn’t really go away and it still being a little obnoxious.  But we didn’t get white crap, so… semi-win?

There was a cut here on Tumblr but screw it.

Oh it’s goddamn fall alright.  I don’t think the… going out in cold rain helped matters, but it was only my right foot tense and aching Friday night.  Went up my leg yesterday, but this morning…  Yeah, it’s going to be agonizing murder getting out of bed for a little while (whole right leg, hips, chest, neck and shoulders along with Mysterious Stabbing Pains™ in my arms… though that was probably from pushing tiny shiny Cindy a little more than I should have, what else is new).  Thanks, Nature.  Can’t be sure if this is related to Porphyria or something entirely else, but it’s “normal” so.  Great.

But, I mean.  That aside, some things are evening out a bit.  Energy to make food (if simple; onions and mushrooms fried in butter make a good base for any number of things).  After more months than I could keep track of, finally actually felt like bleaching the roots and re-dying my hair.  Yeah it’s a bitch and a stupid expense, but… it’s also a nice little indulgence.

Now I’ve got to decide what sort of dessert to work on next.  I’ve got a solid block of peanut butter fudge to make use of, so.  Well, something terrible and wonderful, I’m sure.

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