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( Nov. 1st, 2011 08:39 pm)

Oji-san's finally home. Now please stop me from looking at 1:12 scale things; fuck too late.

In other news, besides the sale, you would think that after spending 30 days on one project, then taking a full week off to recover from hurting my hands and wrists with clay, I'd want to start off by doing something simple and easy, wouldn't you? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Wire, you are my enemy.
wickedorin: Dissidia!Ex-Mode!Seph (Default)
( Aug. 8th, 2011 07:42 pm)
As questionable thanks for the response for the earlier post (and by semi-request), portrait of the artist at work. In glasses and natural environment (in front of the computer, surrounded by toys, wearing a SOLDIER shirt and Sam Flynn necklace, and working on something very involved and "secret"). I was going to crop it, but the background was just too good.

And since the background reminds me, there was an update yesterday but... I forgot. Ahem. DMLoiH: And So We Meet the Nephew.

One link of interest, for now: QWOP cosplay. Well I laughed. It's another one of those rare games that inspires rage-laughter. (For those unfamiliar with QWOP.)

Alright, break time is over, back to the project until... well, my hand cramps. Or until food time, whichever comes first.
There was some photo meme from a long time ago that I'm too lazy to look up now, but I wanted to edit it a bit anyway, so... Ask me any question/s, however many you want. I will reply to each with a single photo and no further explanation. I thought that might get fun/stupid/dangerous.

And so today I finally rearranged things and set up the bar. Predictably, where there are booze there are also SOLDIERs and Turks. Admit it, Reno's first reaction to seeing an empty bar is always to lay under the tap. Then I thought I'd take a picture of the Barbie Dream House as it is now. Dante still seems unenthused. And the only place I have ever been able to stand bootleg Sebastian (un-Sebastian) up without having to lean him against something is on the Dream House floors. It's weird. And a sign or... something. Also, the toy wall as it is now. Clearly I will not be happy until each and every shelf is cluttered beyond all repair. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race, and I ain't gonna lose.

So yes, obviously I needed something to do this morning because my hand and arm have decided to get all hurty and tense, so no usual work for me. Ah, it's always something. On the up-side at least that seems to be the worst of my problems today and I discovered where to get cheap Goldschlager so I'm just fine. *grin*

So, links. I'll just quote directly from the article: "Carolyn Petit, one of Gamespot's game reviewers, is transsexual. She's just posted (what I believe to be) her first video review on the site. And she's catching a lot of nasty commentary." For once I'll say the comments might be worth looking at. Some more than others, obviously. I'd like to think that some day gender won't need to be mentioned at all so it will actually become a non-issue, but I'd like to think a lot of things. Until then, I say to Gamestop: don't you dare be a coward and back out of this.

A Planet Without Square-Enix. Whoah boy the eye-rolling caused by this article may have given me a headache. However, a very good point is made about how S-E has been handling criticism. There are decent points to be found here, honestly, but when it comes off as yet another angered former fanboy rant, it's a little hard to care. It's always cool to hate something that's still relatively popular. Down with having your own opinion, boo, hiss.

I will never play Minecraft. But I love this "acid trip mod" (which isn't a mod at all).

I assume most of you will appreciate this professor's FAQ about the rapture. Finally, official admission the the IT department is affiliated with Satan.

And here are a few things for your rapture-day dance party soundtrack. You're welcome.
"The Turning", Oasis
"It's the End of the World (as We Know it)", REM
"Rapture", Blondie (well I mean duh)

Getting writing or editing done tonight may be beyond my powers, but I'll attempt, anyway.
I believe I happened to mention that I went completely fucking nuts a little crazy at the Disney Store since they were having an incredible sale on diecast Tron stuff. ........Yeah. Well. I mean. I didn't spend more than the commission that had come a few days before it, so there's that. I'm not losing money. I'm just not gaining any either. *cough* I have plans for these babies, though. Can't happen for a while, but... oh yes. Plans.

I imagine there will be a "review" of them and close-up pictures soon. I'm impressed most with the lightcycles (OBVIOUSLY), their build being smooth and sturdy. Surprisingly... I really love the one-man light jets, though. I don't know why yes I do; because they remind me of Transformer jets, they're just fucking cool. So, Disney. If there are still one-man light jets available after Anime Boston... I would like a small army of those. Definitely.

...And there are two more white lightcycles coming... because I can be bribed. It's more of a trade, really, see? Toys for writing services, when I get around to it. Nothing wrong with that. Hold on, wait a minute--

Public Service Announcement: I CAN BE BOUGHT. Through toys, food, shiny things, and occasionally porn. Just putting that out there.

Now instead of money spent on silly things like socks and underwear, I have toys! And after very little work, toys with easily paintable surfaces. Wha ha ha, ha.

*makes a note to sew up holes in socks, but underwear is usually negotiable*

And now I'm going to see how many more chocobo chick bodies I can crochet before my hand stops functioning.