Well, he was technically done on Valentine's Day, but the paint needed to dry. Even so, awww-ness.

How the hell did I not see Buckaroo Banzai in all of my 31 years on earth when I've seen Big Trouble in Little China so many times? Oh god what a movie. Even if my brain kept going, "Holy shit, it's Robocop!" Which is probably only funny to me. But now I'm sharing it, so you can pretend it's funny to you, too or there will be consequences. Anyway, damn good movie. ...All of 'em.

I may be sick. ...Physically, I mean. ...More than usual, I mean. The fact that I don't know is troubling. And yet there will still need to be venturing out for groceries shortly. Which may or may not be even more troubling, but food is good. I will slaughter this sickness with cheap, spicy food.

So how about a whole bunch of links to entertain you? First up is the nearly 10-minute KH3D/Dream Drop Distance trailer. Which may have everyone else going "What the fucking fuck?" at the end, too. No, I don't believe having it in English would help.

From Kotaku: "In case you've missed it, a video game idea on Kickstarter has helped smash the site's records by raising over one million dollars in a single day." It's just kind of amazingly interesting. And one of these days I need to get back to Psychonauts, dammit. It was fun as hell but fucking frustrating.

I found Why Devs Owe You Nothing to be kind of interesting. I understand the sentiment, and agree with it... to a point. There are lines you don't cross, even as the creator. My evidence is one name, two words: George Lucas. I find creative works that play with their audience to be more fulfilling, myself, but S-E has fucked me up quite a bit over the years. *snort*

Principles of an Indie Game Bottom Feeder is delightfully interesting as well.

Suffering Scifi Duos Bond over their Adorable Shared Pain. Because it's funny.

May I recommend Cost of Living, a 10-minute movie that's better than 99.8% of Hollywood fare.

Proof that the music industry was always full of shit: In the 1930s, robots were killing the music industry.

The Secret Satanic Conspiracy Behind Madonna’s Halftime Show gives Madonna way too much credit... but it's hilarious anyway.

G.I. Joe 2 trailer. Just ignore the French. *grin* Why yes I am aware that I'm one of very few that fucking loved the first movie.

And while we're discussing trailers, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, anyone? It's looks so delightfully fun-stupid. I hope it's showing over at the local Jordan's. I'd like to see something else there... though I'd also like to see Tron: Legacy there again. Mmm, comfy rumbly chairs and the three dee.

New device hacks into blind people’s visual cortex to let them "see". Fucking A.

I will finish off with sheer beauty: these are the kinds of bonsai trees I wish I could live in.


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