I believe I happened to mention that I went completely fucking nuts a little crazy at the Disney Store since they were having an incredible sale on diecast Tron stuff. ........Yeah. Well. I mean. I didn't spend more than the commission that had come a few days before it, so there's that. I'm not losing money. I'm just not gaining any either. *cough* I have plans for these babies, though. Can't happen for a while, but... oh yes. Plans.

I imagine there will be a "review" of them and close-up pictures soon. I'm impressed most with the lightcycles (OBVIOUSLY), their build being smooth and sturdy. Surprisingly... I really love the one-man light jets, though. I don't know why yes I do; because they remind me of Transformer jets, they're just fucking cool. So, Disney. If there are still one-man light jets available after Anime Boston... I would like a small army of those. Definitely.

...And there are two more white lightcycles coming... because I can be bribed. It's more of a trade, really, see? Toys for writing services, when I get around to it. Nothing wrong with that. Hold on, wait a minute--

Public Service Announcement: I CAN BE BOUGHT. Through toys, food, shiny things, and occasionally porn. Just putting that out there.

Now instead of money spent on silly things like socks and underwear, I have toys! And after very little work, toys with easily paintable surfaces. Wha ha ha, ha.

*makes a note to sew up holes in socks, but underwear is usually negotiable*

And now I'm going to see how many more chocobo chick bodies I can crochet before my hand stops functioning.


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