Sometimes. Yay for Chapter 17 of "Broken Soldier"! Been a while, yeah. That's call "buried in other work time". (Demi and Rakashi's little scene in the middle there happened in the initial draft, but I was going to leave it out of this one since it kind of interrupted the "flow" I had going on... but then I missed it when it wasn't there, and it amuses me. Fuck it, says I, we'll see what the whole novel reads like when it's actually done. Hooray long and agonizing editing processes.) I guess I should warn for nonchalant descriptions of violence...

Why There Are Very Few People in This World Who I Could Ever Live With
(or, I Have an Excuse to Be Crazy: I'm a Writer)

Me: *interrupted in the middle of washing dishes with character dialog* *mutters, dries hands off, writes it down, comes back and continues washing dishes*
Wasband: *walking through to put clothes in the washing machine*
Me: *speaking a long string of curses as yet more character dialog comes to mind and once again dries hands to go write it down*
Wasband: *a moment later* That wasn't to me, right?
Me: No, just the voices in my head being pains in the ass.
Wasband: So long as it wasn't to me. *goes back upstairs*

...My mother just told me to make sure to wear something tight and sexy so we might be able to get the security guards to help us with getting our merchandise-filled luggage to Artists Alley. I'm not sure if I ought to assure her that she has no reason to remind me or not. (Well, I guess OrgLIX!Ienzo is sort of intentionally frumpy, but there's still a damn short skirt and a corset top under that hoodie. And the ass-kickers. It's always about the boots. Did not have the time/funds to play with femme!Tron this year. *grin* Yeah, like none of you saw that coming. I should just get a packer and a harness and be done with it, I know. Particularly under the tight shiny red vinyl femme!Dante skirt.)

Now that the TMI is done for the day, Using Kinect To Make Your Own Action Figures. Finally, a practical and important use for Kinect. I would totally take a KHII Tron figure, too. If someone, you know, has the model and wants to feed that into a 3D printer. Or that whole scene where Tron hugs Sora. ...Don't judge me.

And way to go supply company for telling me, oops, my order won't take 5 but 7-10 business days to reach me, the day after I order. *sigh* User, improvise, etc.


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