So I decided to go all out as always because Desert Bus project and ordered a little bit of silk velvet for very specific reasons.  For my own amusement, I looked to see if they had any leopard print.  Almost everything but purple, alas.

...But they did have purple snakeskin silk velvet.  The really.  Really expensive shimmery soft stuff that is a pain in the ass to work with but so soft, so shimmery.  In purple snakeskin.  In small-ish pieces.

Did I mention there was a discount.

Did I ever mention I am really bad at temptation because.

I am really bad at temptation.

Unfortunately now I'm just... realizing that I will have to make my own wheels for this project.  And wheel rig.  In full.  It might be nice if I did something that wasn't immediately way over my head, but where's the fun in that?

(I see the fun.  The fun is right there.  I'm pointing at the fun.)

Granted my housemate did point out that this will be a "collector's item" and "not a toy", so the wheels don't need to spin.  ...I countered with, "But I want them to spin."  ..........Can someone stop me or am I just... so far at the point of no return that it's a lost cause.  Because that was so quick I missed it.

Actually, that's pretty much where I live, isn't it.  Out here.  Past hope.  In the dirt citadel.  With my purple snakeskin velvet.

Gonna have some fucking chocolate and then keep playing with this cardboard prototype until something makes sense.  Good luck to me.

From: [personal profile] lhexa

Actually, that's pretty much where I live, isn't it. Out here. Past hope. In the dirt citadel.

That would explain the chocobos, then. You need them to get to all the weird little corners of the map, remember?

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