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( Aug. 21st, 2016 07:40 pm)

Me: *spends 30+ minutes kneeling on the damn floor, mixing tiny individual portions of iridescent paint*
Also me: *later*  “Why do my knees hurt so much?”

All I… actually have to do to finish this project is wait, apply top coat, repeat until done, then reassemble the front bit.

This is a little unreal.  In a good way.  I can start… figuring out how the hell to take pictures of it tomorrow.  How to ship it across the fucking continent comes later.  And fuck your massive international price increases with a rusty nailbat, USPS.

I choose to completely ignore the fact that the other room is a minefield of cardboard, foam, fabric, paint… and for some reason all three pairs of scissors are in there.  …Well okay.  I kind of.  Probably need to clean things up and rearrange.  Which is why I’m ignoring this point entirely right now.

PAK Prompto is going to be both my reward and my punishment, apparently.  (Well, when I’m actually finished I will make myself a tiny chocolate cake.  Because tiny chocolate cake.  And then I will stare at a wall for a while in victory.  While eating cake.  Maybe I’ll put a cape on.  …The fact that I technically have a cape says more about me than it should, doesn’t it.)

…I actually took a closer look at the bathroom sink and realized there’s paint on the soap dispenser, the hot water knob, and little bits of blue all over the basin.  ………….My life.


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