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( Apr. 23rd, 2016 07:26 pm)

kjs;kjfdlkfjsdfjklfs I’m… trying not to thank everyone individually for tags and comments about the chocobo (ha ha stalking what) but also just.  I don’t.  Gratitude and thanks, how to express goodly, I cannot.  Thank you for kind words and encouragement, really.  That is four months of work during quite a trying time, so.  Just.  Yes.  Okay then.

Every time I finish a long project I try very hard to BE GOOD TO MY HANDS for a couple of days afterward.  (And I always fail.  Had to shred cheese today.  Don’t ask.)  They still look like they’ve been through some kind of horrible incident with sharp objects (which they have), and it was only this morning when I really felt all of the tension going through my hands and arms, but dammit I could brush my teeth and I stretched and I took breaks, I’m improving okay.  I’m just.  Prone to slicing the crap out of myself all the damn time.  These sacrifices demand blood, etc.

Actually took some time this morning to park myself in front of Lucifer (…the PS4) and meander around Unfinished Swan.  I’d followed the development of the game since it was just a little demo piece, then grabbed the official PS3 demo the instant it became available, really quite loving it.  Life happens, as they say, and I just kind of never got back to getting the actual game until I happened to see it on sale a bit ago.  So of course it took me this long just to get back to it and zen out a little.  I am a person who usually can’t freaking stand puzzle games, but the mechanics are… just right.  I don’t know.  It’s not really a “puzzle game” proper, even though it is.  It was really nice to relax to, but I wonder when I’ll get back to it.  …I still haven’t gotten back to Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising, either, so you know.  Time, what is it, how do I.  Do.  The thing.  With the time.  And the games.

I am just going to go nuts in October, aren’t I.  I’m actually literally planning to take the whole fucking month off just so I have time to indulge in FFXV.  What if I start twitching and suddenly have to pause just to go make something complicated.  What if I start crocheting in my sleep.  …That’d be great, actually.  I am not the kind of person who does the whole vacation thing, so this will be incredibly weird.

Will start a beading project on Monday (yes yes, FFXV-related, but I’ll have to do a color test first), see how that goes.  Then I’ll return to the rest of the chocobo stuff since I’d really like to get it done before August.  And it is so easy to just jump from one project to the next without realizing what month it is. *cough*

Also, because it’s a dumb thing to celebrate but I gotta.

2,501 hits and not one whiny asshole complaining.  Thank you, internet.  I still can’t believe we seem to be the only ones writing joyful, loving, kinky, unapologetically smut-filled healthy polyfic so far.  Feel free to get in the pool!  It’s crowded, but everything in the water is damn fine.  (I mean… I love the gen stuff equally, honestly.  But.  …Call it bonding time with the girlfriend okay.  It is a long tradition.)

To all you new followers who may have been following just for the chocobo.  Uh.  …Well there’s a wide range of things.  That I do.

Also just.  Really hoping to find out more regarding Gentiana at some point in the near future.  For reasons.

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