I was “gifted” whole wheat pasta.  Which I’m not saying I’m ungrateful for, I’m just saying... I bet I got it because no one else wanted it.  So of course I did what anyone would: ruined healthy stuff by making macaroni and cheese.  Though they’re... twists and cheese... and random veggies.  I mean, I had frozen pearl onions and red/green/yellow bell pepper slices, so I oven roasted those for a bit, then added broccoli (and covered a few minutes for steaming; oven roasting is your friend kids), added cooked pasta, then a hell of a lot of shredded cheese.  Fuck the roux and the white sauce bullshit, I wanted fucking cheese.  So it’s still... technically healthy.  Ish.  FOOD.

And then FINISHED THE COMMISSION LAST NIGHT.  ...Around 1:00 AM so... okay, this morning, but.  Sadly I must wait until everything’s cured and properly reinforced, and then until the commissioner actually receives and approves of the final result before sharing pictures, but damn.  I am happy with it.  So that’s a thing.  The new clasp was only slightly terrifying.

On a vastly different subject: that moment when you respond to your girlfriend's overly elaborate headcanon e-mail with, "I KNOW I'M NOT A GOOD PERSON AND I DON'T REALLY DO A LOT OF GOOD THINGS BUT DO I REALLY DESERVE THIS?"

...I forgot to add, "Don't answer that."

Finally finished FF6.  ...As in no I did not play it myself, because time is a thing and despite my love of RPGs I am really pretty much incapable of enjoying playing turn-based things.  (Playing FF7 and FF8 all the way through several times was more than enough for me, apparently.  I’m done.)  Decent Let’s Plays with people reading the dialog are hard but not impossible to find so I can watch while I work.  And... work on geeky things while watching geeky things.  Living the dream.  Anyway, I finished it, though, okay, finally.  I don’t know why I’ve decided to work my way backward through the series, but.  FF5 is up next, after I catch up on some Game Grumps stuff.

Translation/localization has come a long fucking way.  As a side note.

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