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( Jun. 26th, 2016 07:00 pm)

I successfully survived the craft store, managing to get... most of what I needed.  The rest, I will have to build myself.  And I am terrified but trying not to think about it because this is such a familiar position to be in.

...Unfortunately I also came across dragon plushes.  ...I have a long list of weaknesses.  Don’t look at me.  (I didn’t buy them there.  ..........But my “no more frivolous purchases until Ignis ships” rule has not only been ignored, but set on fire.  So.  I’m.  ........Don’t look at me.  Tiny shiny plush dragons.  With wings.  Sssshh, I’m an adult.)

And then I was over at the beads and things anyway, so I took a look at their clearance section.  ...Well.

Why yes that is a tiny frog charm with a tiny crown and rhinestone eyes.  Surrounded by spikes and skulls.

Where did my life go.


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