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( Jun. 6th, 2016 07:46 pm)

Building things out of cardboard for demo reasons is both nostalgic and surprisingly frustrating.  I WANT TO BUY THE MATERIALS AND GO ALL-IN BLIND.  …But I’m building something for charity so maybe I shouldn’t do that.  …I did say “maybe”, we’ll see.

In the meantime, gearing up for a commission that I am very happy about, so yay there.  …I hate waiting for beads by mail but unfortunately it’s just so much easier.

Also I.  Am going back and forth between that and another stupid personal project so.  Will anything ever get done?  Well it better.

In other news, we have a new fence.  On one side.  I am really fucking amused by it, too.  After the elderly neighbor up the street died, her kids decided to sell the house.  Kinda sad but fine, just what you do.  We heard someone from the city bought it.  They moved in, relatively quietly.  We did not expect all of the bushes and trees to immediately be removed and not replaced, nor for everything that made the house unique to be removed.  I still find it a little odd that there… are no curtains… or blinds… like… what the fuck is going on.

Then they started in on trying to convince us to cut down the trees on our property but hanging over part of their yard.  And it went from there.

Apparently they’ve just been irritating neighbors to everyone in this quiet little neighborhood, which is saying a bit.  I haven’t had to deal with any of the bullshit myself, being a happy little hermit down here while avoiding sunshine as often as possible, but the inherent aggravation in all tales of encounters with them eventually begins to be great comedy and I’m glad the housemate understands my sense of humor and tells me about it anyway.  So, after months of many tiny little annoyances and overall lack of respect… we have a solid 6 foot fence on one side of the property and I find it hilarious.

I still say we paint a mural of what we wish was on the other side.


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