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( May. 31st, 2016 07:14 pm)

It’s only when taking 80+ pictures of beaded color samples to show off different types/finishes of white beads on different backgrounds and under different lighting when you realize the entire process is way too similar to listening to people insisting that two exact same colors with two different names are actually not exactly the same.  …Maybe other people have better experiences with color samples than I do but no.  Just.  No.  …Luckily all of these whites are actually distinctly different or I would have been incredibly unhappy.

Maybe if I happen to get this commission and after I get it finished I can set aside some time to see if I’m not a dried-up has been musician since these lyrics keep bugging me.  Sounds like a plan, yeah?  Guitar I’m not so worried about; some of that’s just muscle memory that never went away.  Drums… I fucking hate sequencers, but I’ll deal.  If I… still have any.  …Hm.  Vocals, though.  Boy.  That’s a thing.  For another time.

So this weekend sucked ass.

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