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( Apr. 25th, 2016 07:27 pm)

…Alright, fine, I’ve officially surpassed 100 colors of delica beads alone (no I will not count all of the other glass beads ever for any reason) and have filled up the entirety of my bead storage and then some.  It took me a long time, okay?!  I guess.  I’ll have to get more storage.  Sometime.  Well sure not today, so whatever.

Beading, The Process:

  • Day 1 - Color Test - gentle internal screaming while picking through dozens of tiny beads to find just the right color combination and gradients because no matter how carefully you choose, it will never look the same in a finished piece as it does as small piles of beads side by side
  • Day 2 - The Actual Work Begins - mostly triumphant, but some internal sobbing at thread
  • Day 3 - Ignoring the Building Scream Until the End - aaaAAAAHHHH
  • Day Whatever - Please Just Let it Be Fucking Done Today - hfd ytd tyd gf ghf 191919
  • Day of Completion - Look I Did a Thing - trying to feel triumphant while gross internal sobbing takes place

To be clear, today I’m on Day 1.  And still selecting between browns.  How the hell did I wind up with so many browns.  Freaking eight grays makes sense, but.  Color.

I suppose this should all go on my art blog, but surely that for art and you’re all here for my incessant chatter and insight.  I am a goddamn delight.


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