…*pointedly adds Iron and Wine’s studio cover of “Such Great Heights” to a certain dark AU playlist and peers out over the internet at the person responsible*

In other news.  The chocobo bit me.

Well not… really, just.  First blood.  Ah yes, this surely means the project is nearing completion.  (No, no blood got on the chocobo.  Just other places.)

Tail done!  Groundwork for the claws, done!  Must finish the claws, inside of the mouth, tongue (half done as of now), stiffen the unwired wing feathers, then trim ALL the fuzzies.  And then holy shit it’ll be done.  DONE.

That all sounds so simple.  Doesn’t it.  Just wait until “the accessory” starts coming together.  What am I doing with my life part 811,187.  I need to get materials next week.

I’ll definitely need some size comparison shots with Cassie when this bird is done.  The pup is a petite but… reasonably-sized pug.  And this chocobo is just… big.  I need to stop accidentally increasing the size every year.  Mostly because I really am going to wind up with a life-sized version one of these days.

Now that’s a crowd-funding project.  Fundraiser: Help Orin Maintain Financial and Mental Stability While Finally Giving in to the Very Thing Everyone Knew Was Going to Happen Eventually Anyway.  (It’s a Joke; Mental Stability was Lost Long Ago.)

Now if you could all just remind me that I don’t need a physical copy of May’s Game Informer, everything would be fine.

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